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Pakistan Allows Americans Special Operations Forces inside Pakistan- WikiLeaks



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Islamabad Tonight – 30th November 2010 : Pakistan Issues in WikiLeaks II: Wikileaks latest leaks of diplomatic cables regarding concerns on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, Army Chief Gen Kayani and his influence and “manipulation” of the civilian PPP govt. and the parliament particularly national uproar on Kerry-Lugar-Berman Bill. Guests: Lt. Gen (R) Hameed Gul (Ex-DG ISI), Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Nuclear Scientist), Dr. Samar Mubarakmand (Nuclear Scientist) in Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik

Islamabad Tonight 30th November 2010

WikiLeaks Documents on Pakistan

Wikileaks release of confidential American documents has stirred up the whole world. Wikileaks revealed many state secrets and highlighted role of American Administration, CIA and Political Leaders of different countries, particularly Pakistan and the Muslim World as a whole.

Dr Abdul Qadeer termed Wikileaks claims about Pakistan’s nuclear programme as baseless and mere lies. He said there is no clause in the agreement between Pakistan and America to return enriched Uranium of the research reactor, which is located in PINSTECH Nilore, near Islamabad.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals is safe and well guarded. Dr. Khan said Pakistan’s national command and control system is consistent with international best practices, and that there is no possibility that extremists can take over our nuclear facilities.

Dr Qadeer said he was not sure about ex-President Musharaf but now after he is gone there is no body who will give any information about Pakistan’s nuclear programme to America.

Dr Samar Mubarik mand said that our nuclear sites are very safe and no body can reach there.

Dr Qadeer revealed that Benazir decided to slow down Pakistan’s nuclear programme in order to get financial aid from America but nuclear scientists never slowed it down.

Hameed Gul said that Pakistan is serving American interest for last 62 years but America is trying every thing to weaken Pakistan. He said that now American policy has been changed about Pakistan nuclear programme. President Barak Obama declared Pakistan’s nuclear programme safe and that has angered Israel. He said that is the reason Naten Yahu curse Obama.

Hameed Gul said that General Kayani only wrote a letter to the parliament on Kerry Lugar bill to show discontent of the army and that he did not interfere in the politics or tried to dictate to the government.

Answering the question about Shah Abdullah’s statement that he called Zardari the obstacle in Pakistan’s development and progress, Hameed Gul said that Saudi Arabia is our very good friend and will never withdraw its support to Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is the country helping flood victims in Pakistan more than any other country.He said that Saudi Arabia supplied free oil to Pakistan for many years after nuclear tests of May 1998.

General Gul criticized former President Musharaf and claimed that he is enjoying his life in America on Jewish money. Jews are arranging his lectures in America and paying him 100 thousand dollars of one lecture, Gul said. He said that Pervez Musharaf was not an intellectual or well educated person.

He said that Pervez Musharaf committed many crimes against Pakistan he should be brought back and prosecuted.

Hameed Gul warned about the situation after withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. He said that it is going to be the biggest challenge for Pakistan to handle post-withdrawal Afghanistan.

General Hameed Gul said that he believes that Obama himself facilitated the release of Wikileak documents so he could withdraw American forces from Afghanistan.He said it was Nichson himself who let the footage of massacre of Vietnam civilians by American military go public. There was an out cry in America after the release of the video and American people demanded the withdrawal of American soldiers from Vietnam. He said America needs another face saving way to leave Afghanistan after its defeat in the country.

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